Thursday, February 2, 2012

DePaul Blue Demons vs St John's Red Storm

  I joined a class called Souvenir Foto School shooting photos from A to Z for 30 days.  It is so much fun and it forces me to shoot everyday and be creative.  Today marks the first day, and good timing since I was given tickets to attend the DePaul vs St John Basketball game. 

  A good friend of ours who works for NovaCare took us to the game. Thanks Sweendog!   I had to admit I have not watched any college basketball live in a long time, but it was quite entertaining.  Sad that the Blue Demons lost 87-81 to the Red Storm.  The second half was very exciting, since the Red Storm came back from a double digit deficit.  Plus, I had finagled my way to the 1st row court side seats...LOL! I asked the usher if I could say hi to my photog friend from Associated Press and he was like sure. I said well, since no one sitting here, do you mind if I take the seat and shoot the game.  He replied why not...Awesome! Anyway, here are some highlights from the game.

  I was trying to figure out if I should take pics starting with A or B, but since this is a basketball game I might as well use the letter B basketball, basket, basketball player, and basketball court. Off to a good start!