Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Souvenir Foto School

  Hello!  It has been sometime since my last post.  The past few weeks has been crazy busy shooting events, bball games, and taking this awesome Souvenir Foto Class.  The class is being offered by Besotted Brand who is owned by the amazing Miss Tristan B and as we know her as Miss B. I took my first SFS class last year titled Food and Foto which was awesome!  Two hobbies I love! This year she is offering A-Photo-A-Day A to Z for 30 days again.  She hosted the same class last year and my friend Debbie enjoyed it so much. She told me about it and so we both registered and joined the class. I figured it would force me to shoot everyday and also be creative.  I choose a Sports theme of course, so now I have to think of sport related things to shoot from A to Z.  You can go in any order if you want which I choose to do. Here is what I have so far. 

B - Basketball, Basketball Player, and Basket
Attended the DePaul vs St Johns NCAA Basketball game on 2.1.12. I was able to work my way down to the first row court side seat. This was a nice dunking pic by DePaul's superstar guard Charles McKinney.

T - Tire
My bf and I attended an event on 2.2.12 First Bites Bash that kicks off Chicago's Restaurant Week 2012.  On our way back to the parking lot we walked around trying to look for something sporty. We spotted a bike rack near the train station and stopped to take this pic. Wished it was moving, but this will do.

M - Medals
  I used to love running marathons, but I retired due to injury. Now I just shoot racing events. :) Here are all the medals I collected during my running days.

Q - Quarterback
Since last Sunday was Superbowl, I figured I should take a football pic. I had to borrow my bff's nephew. Thank god I can get the Q out of the way! Football model Marc....such a cutie! 

P - PomPom
Went to another NCAA basketball game DePaul vs Marquette on 2.6.12. Had some awesome dunk pics again, but for this assignment I focused on the cheerleaders and happen to just snap this pic of their pompoms.

G for Golf
 Today 2.7.12, I had no idea what to shoot, but my friend lent me her family (kids and husband) to take this Golf pic in their living room. 

  The people in the class and Miss B has been such a pleasure to work with.  They are all nice and helpful with their different comments, critiques and perspective. I am learning so much!  Stay tuned for next week's photos. 


Lil Mama Stuart said...

good use of P! Your collection would make a great coffee table book when you're done