Monday, January 30, 2012

Time for Shamrock Shuffle Training

  Guess what today is?  It is time for Shamrock Shuffle Training.  Today marks the 1st week of training.  When I used to run I followed the Hal Higdon training program. I met Hal at a CARA clinic. He was so inspirational! My first Shamrock Shuffle I followed the Novice 8K Program. 

Here is the sample chart.

  It did take me a week or so to get back into it again.  I used to run High School and College cross country, but it has been a long, long time. I followed the schedule, made sure I had a balanced diet, and had lots of sleep.  Sometimes people find it easier to run with a buddy or even a group.  It helps to motivate each other. I did run with CARA for the halves and marathon, and for the 8K I trained with some friends. 

  Here are some tips for those 1st time runners, beginners, etc.

1) Equipment - It is so important to get the right running shoes that fits you. Visit your favorite running store Universal Sole or Fleet Feet and ask an expert.  I personally used New Balance for training, because it was best for my pronation. I used Mizunos for race day. Dri-Fit Clothing is always best. The technology is to keep moisture away from your body and keep you dry and cool during your run. I also carried a water belt when running outside and it helps during your long runs. Do not forget your IPOD. I did use the Nike + IPOD kit to track my time/pace.

2) Diet - Diet is also important during your training. I used to eat a lot of fish, chicken, veggies, pasta and only ate red meat once or twice a week. Every time I ate meat it slowed me down. Drink TONS of water or Gatorade. Your body loses so much water, sodium and carbohydrates. During your long runs, it is important to replenish carbs every hour and you need at least 30 grams during the run or race. I know this is a shorter race, but I still took gummy bears and pretzels with me. Who knew that each gummy bear was about 4-6 grams of carbs.  I did not like the goo, so this was my substitute. 

3) Stretching - Do not stretch before your runs. A thorough warm-up before stretching, or after the run, may reduce the risk of injury. Also, Yoga is the way to go to keep your body flexible. 

4) Pace - Determine your goal time. I wanted to finish the Shamrock Shuffle under 50 mins. My race pace would be around 10 mins per mile, so my training pace would be a 10:30 pace 30 seconds slower than my race pace.  If you run too fast, then you are prone to injury.  During my CARA days, my team lead said, if you are not able to comfortably talk to your fellow runners, then you are going to fast. That is a good gauge if you are trying to figure out your pace. For those who want to improve their time, my favorite speed work out was the Yasso 800s.

5) Environment - It is always nice to run on trails, easier on the knees. Not a big fan of the treadmill, unless I have no choice. I personally run outside, since the weather now is typically what you will run in during the race.  It will help you get used to your breathing and it will not be a shock to you during race day.  When I ran the Shamrock Shuffle it was 20 degrees and raining. Be prepared for the weather conditions. The day before the race, check the Event Alert System update (EAS) Green = Low, Yellow = Moderate, Red=High, and Black=Extreme.  If it this Yellow or Red, even though you have a goal time, adjust your pace accordingly.  It is not worth getting injured, trust me. One of the half marathons I ran end up being high because of the humidity I almost passed out during the race. Please be cautious of the racing conditions.  

Hope this helps, but of course this is my experience and what worked for me. Good luck with your training!

Here are some pics I took from the Shamrock Shuffle.  I will be part of the operations again, so see you there!

My last advice is have fun, be safe and be healthy! 


Trixie Jane said...

I not only love your pics but that you add your experience and tips. Ive had the pleasure to attend some of the events you've shot and want to thank you!!! You have such a great talent in a matter of 2 years you've shot events where people have tried to for years. You have the talent, the drive and passion not only in photography but in everything you do. Im so proud of you....

Anonymous said...

I just signed up for the Shuffle today!!!! Thanks for the training tips :))) I'm really excited to start training for this one!!! ~Jannies

Laney said...

Thanks Trixie! You have been my biggest fan and best support system. We will be attending more cool events. Excited!