Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sports Sundays: Chicago Fire vs Columbus Crew 6.23.12

 What an exciting back to back win at home for the Chicago Fire last night against the Columbus Crew. The Fire's teamwork led them to victory and of course, another amazing performance from their Goalie Sean Johnson. Sean Johnson had 8 saves! The game was so exciting that I seriously wanted to put my camera down to cheer. But I wanted to photograph Sebastian Grazzini, because this was probably his last game. Grazzini had an outstanding game! He assisted a goal made by Dominic Oduro in the 25th min. The first goal was scored by Marco Pappa 2 minutes into the game. If you missed this game, watch the highlights here.

  Here are some highlights of the game. I recently just purchased a Nikon AF 1.4x teleconverter and tried it with the Nikon 400mm f/2.8 lens last night. It was like having a Nikon 600 mm f/4. Actually it was really close I was shooting at 550mm f/4. You lose 2 stops when you add the teleconverter. The 400mm is much easier to carry than the 600mm, although I can barely carry the 400mm.  I was getting the stares and comments that the lens is bigger than me, hence the name lilgirlbigcam.  

Our fav Mascot - Sparky

  Pappa and the gang celebrating his amazing goal. (It was a little smoky since someone lit a smokebomb where I was shooting). 

  Gonzalo Segares received a red card when he slid into Columbus’ player Kevin George.

  Grazzini making a pass to Oduro for the Fire's 2nd goal.

  A few of Sean Johnson's saves...

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