Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lilgirlbigcam goes to London

  It has been a while since my last post. I apologize I have been working so hard to save up for my trip to London to watch the Olympics. We booked our accommodations a little late, but managed to score some tickets to the Men's Beach Volleyball, Women's Team Table Tennis Final, and Men's 10m Diving Semifinals. This is my first Olympics and I am looking forward to taking photos and exploring the beautiful city of London.

  Before the trip, I did some research on camera equipment requirements. London posted regulations on large photographic equipment which explains: "You are allowed to take camera phones, compact cameras and DSLRs into Olympic and Paralympic venues, as long as the equipment fits into a bag no bigger than 30cm x 20cm x 20cm.  Also, it did state you can bring a medium size bag that would fit under your seat.  I happen to stumble upon a post from MCP Actions and saw this backpack. It is the Tenba Vector Daypack 2 which I thought was perfect and purchased the bag in red.  I manage to fit the following items:  Nikon D3S, Nikon 24-700mm, Nikon 70-200mm, Teleconverter 1.4, PowerGen Mobile Juice Pack (charges any cellphone and Apple products), Memory Cards, Laptop, Cords, Adapters, and Batteries. There are tons of pockets for your small misc items.  It even has a rain cover.  The dividers are detachable which makes it easy to arrange your equipment.  I am loving it so far!  I have been going through the x-rays with no issues.

  We arrived in London on Aug 4th and will be staying for 10 days. We decided to go in the 2nd half of the events. We had to make it in time for the Women's Marathon and the Men's Marathon which is on the last day.  The Women's Marathon was held on Aug 5th and since this was a free event, it was a great opportunity for me to take some photos. It rained majority of the time, but that did not stop me and other spectators from cheering these amazing athletes on. The first place finisher was Tiki Gelana, Ethiopia, 2nd place Priscah Jeptoo, Kenya and 3rd place Tatyana Petrova Arkhipova, Russia.  The US runners Shalane Flanagan placed 10th and Kara Goucher 11th. Here are some photos from the race.

  What a great way to start off my first Olympic experience! I will be posting more photos of the events, so stay tuned.  Check out my FB fan page and Instagram - lilgirlbigcam in the meantime.  Cheers!