Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snowboarding in Whistler, eh?

  Snow in the forecast again...brrrrr.  We had tons of snow last week and the next few days will be getting a few more inches. For the next few post, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about snowboarding.  I learned how to snowboard back in 2009, but before that I was a skier.  So, changing from 2 skis to one big board was tough.  The first time I learned was at Devil's Head in Wisconsin with a few friends. It was fun, but painful I probably fell a thousand times. The worse part is that these little kids were zooming by me as I was on the embarrassing! My bf said well, if you really want to learn we need to conquer a big mountain. He said let's go to Whistler, Canada. YAY!

 We flew to Vancouver and drove to Whistler.  The drive was not bad a little snow, but arrived safely at the Hilton Whistler Report. 

Front of the Hotel

The Pool

View from our room

  We hit the mountains the next few days.  Here are some pics of our weekend at Whistler Blackcomb.

On our way up in our gondola at Whistler Mountain. 

It was a total blizzard at the top, yes fluffy snow to fall on.

Which path to take?

Where do we go and how much longer? 

YAY, I can see the village! It was so much fun, took us about 5 hours to board down this awesome mountain.  

Blackcomb Mountain

Here we go...

Took a little break for lunch and had a few shots of Bailey's.  I definitely needed it.  This mountain is crazy!
Taking a break from coming down this steep hill...

Almost there...

I see the excited!

Finally done...OMG!  What an amazing time!

Good bye Whistler...had a fantastic time! Until we meet again! 


Lil Mama Stuart said...

Looks amazing! What camera did you bring on the slopes? 5 hours!? wow!

Laney said...

I did not have a DSLR at that time, so I used my canon point shoot. Yes it took a while since we stopped and took a break since my legs/knees were hurting so much...I'm getting old! Good times!