Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sports Sunday: Sports Shooter Academy IX

  Last week, I attended the coolest photography event Sports Shooter Academy IX in Irvine, CA. This year's workshop had different sports on the agenda baseball, track and field, swimming, rugby, and also had a session with Dave Black on high speed shutter sync. By the way, this is my second time attending the Sports Shooter Academy workshops.

  Since I never shot baseball before, I asked John McDonough for some advice. He was so patient enough to explain a few tips. The other photogs were helpful as well. 

  Here are some shots of my 1st day Baseball OCC at IVC 

  Day 2 There was a lottery to get into the Dave Black session.  I was so happy to be chosen!  Dave Black's session was on high speed shutter sync.  Our subjects were the Lacrosse Players from the LMX Pro League.  

  Here are some behind the scenes shots from Dave Black's lesson.

  Dave demonstrated the use of the four square with 4 SB900 flashes.

  Dave had Maxx, the Lacrosse player, dive numerous times for us to shoot the picture. We shot low on the ground. By the way, we used the new D800 Nikon camera.  It was awesome!  I want one!

  Final Results - Thank you Dave for the fabulous lesson!  I learned so much!

  Day 3 We shot a 7 on 7 soccer tournament at UCI, Rugby playoff Belmont Shore and Beach Volleyball at Long Beach St. 

  At the UCI 7 on 7 soccer tournament, I wanted to try to set up a remote in back of the goalie box. Michael Goulding helped me put the equipment together and Rod Mar double checked my set up.  Rod Mar is the staff photographer for the Seattle Sounders and Seahawks. I shot alongside with Rod Mar during last year's US Soccer Open Cup  Seattle Sounders vs. Chicago Fire. So, of course, I valued Rod's opinion. 

  My camera is the one up close positioned in the middle of the goal. The camera in front shows the new pocket wizard plus III.  Photo credit to Christy Radecic. 

  This is my remote shot.  I still cannot believe I won for best remote shot.  There were so many amazing pics.  I won a pair of new Pocket Wizard Plus IIIs. Thank you Pocket Wizard!

  We headed over to Long Beach and caught the end of the Rugby game. 

  After the Rugby game we photographed professional beach volleyball players.

  Day 4 Track and Field - I LOVE track and field.  I think this is my new favorite sport to shoot. 

  I am so happy that I decided to return a second time. It was also nice to hear from one of the instructors that my photos improved from the last year. Thank you Sports Shooter Academy faculty for the advice and confidence!  You all are amazing mentors! Thanks for giving back! For those interested in pursing Sports Photography as a career, this is the BEST and coolest workshop ever!