Friday, March 2, 2012

Luminous Field at Millennium Park by Luftwerk

  A few weeks ago Luftwerk turned our famous landmark in Millennium Park "The Bean" into a canvas of lights and geometrical shapes.  Luftwerk is the collaborative vision of Petra Bachmaier and Sean Gallero. Amazing work! I really enjoyed the show. 
  It was perfect time to practice some night shooting.  I did not have a tripod, so I held my camera tight. I moved all over the place and shot low on the ground.  When you are night shooting at such a low speed (under 1/60) you will need to grip and hold your camera steady or use a tripod.  Using a tripod and remote release can help you avoid blurry photos.  To get an idea of my manual settings, ISO 5000, WB Auto, Speed 1/20, Aperture f/4.5-6, 24-70mm lens. On your point and shoot or DSLR, there should be a night mode.  I did not use a flash, and if you did the flash will bounce off the bean and create glares. Check this link for more tips on Night Photography

  Here are some of my images. 


Lil Mama Stuart said...

I can't believe you hand held it all! It looks great. I like that you got a down low perspective. I did not. I didn't even edit mine yet, ha

{debbie} said...

this is cool, nice shots! wish we were able to make it! do you know if they have a show during the spring or summer?