Friday, March 9, 2012

Day 7 Restaurant Week - The Bedford

  Day 7 was a very interesting night. My buddy Debbie Penelope's Press and I went to a networking event hosted by Thursday Therapy. It is a gathering for wedding professionals. Meet.Mingle.Share is Thursday Therapy motto. The theme of their event was Sixties Social – A Mad Men Affair.  What a fun theme! As we entered Room 1520, it was filled with people in 60s outfits. We met and mingled with some people, ate fabulous desserts and appetizers, and drank a few cocktails. It was a good time! Thursday Therapy holds monthly meetings and the next one will be at Sono Wood Fired Pizzeria, March 29th 6-9pm. If you are interested in attending RSVP on their website.
  Debbie and I had reservations at The Bedford, so we headed out a few mins before the event ended. We went to grab our coats and there we met Becky. Becky asked if she could walk with us to our car. As we chatted, she asked what we were doing and we answered we had dinner reservations at The Bedford. She asked if she could join us and we said sure! We told her we were going for restaurant week and that I was taking pics. 
  We met at the restaurant. Our hostess walked us through a former bank vault turned into a modern dining room and lounge. The vault, safety deposit boxes, chandeliers, and other details makes this place one of a kind. Gorgeous!

 We continued to chat about our businesses. Becky is also a photographer and owns Byrdhouse Photography for maternity, newborn and family portraits and her wedding business Something Blue Photography. Debbie and I also told our story.  We actually had many things in common, but the best one was that we all LOVE food! Here is what we had at The Bedford.


I was not sure if I was going to like the soup, but it was really tasty.  I loved how they added a vinaigrette and homemade pickles, two of my favorite things. It also had a nice spicy kick.  

Seasonal Soup - Split Pea Soup - Split pea puree garnished with crisp ham, homemade pickle, and a vinaigrette drizzle.

We all loved this appetizer! A very well put together dish. Simply divine!

Duck Liver Mousse - Duck Mousse with whole grain mustard, pickles, caper berries and a walnut baguette.


The chicken was cooked to perfection.  It was juicy and very flavorful. The veggies were very fresh and al dente. Great dish!

Chicken with Cornbread Stuffing and Glazed Veggies

I thought the Risotto was just a little too creamy for me. It was very flavorful and I really liked the squash in the dish. When I went to culinary school, my Italian chef taught me to make risotto stiff not soupy. Remember the Top Chef episode where Tre was eliminated, because Tom Colicchio said Risotto should always spread instead of being stiff. Well, everyone has their own version of Risotto, but I thought Chef Mark's version was very creative.

Roasted Squash Risotto: Arborio rice, pecorino, toasted walnut, cider gastrique

I was not a big fan of the Macaroni, because it was so creamy and too heavy for me. But if you love Mac and Cheese, you should try it. I am sure Debbie's and Becky's kids enjoyed it.

Macaroni Gratin: Elbow Macaroni in a creamy gruyere cheese sauce, topped with
breadcrumbs and charred onions


 The doughnuts were light and fluffy. We were so happy we had two servings of this, because it was very scrumptious!

Cider Doughnut Holes - Cinnamon sugar and a dipping glaze

Meghan was so nice and brought us an extra dessert PB&J. It was really good especially the Nutella mousse. All the ingredients were made in house too.  

Peanut Butter and Jelly - Short bread cookies with a Nutella mousse in the different layers. 

At the end of our dinner Meghan gave us a tour.  This place is so beautiful! 

  My overall rating for this restaurant is 4 stars. The customer service was outstanding! Our waitress Meghan was so knowledgeable and very pleasant.  Thank you for making our dining experience wonderful!  I loved the ambiance, atmosphere, and dining rooms. The food was excellent and I am very impressed with creativity of Chef Mark Steuer. Oh, they have awesome specials check it out. I will be back...cannot wait! 


Lil Mama Stuart said...

LOVE the safety deposit box picture. I can see that as a big print fo sho!

How do you always get restaurant pictures with NO ONE at any tables?!

Glad you got some VIP service, complete with a tour!

{debbie} said...

so fun and delicious.. that sure was great service, right down to the last minute espresso! thanks for taking me. can't wait to eat there again! like mindy, i love that safe deposit box shot!

Laney said...

Thanks ladies! Mindy and Debbie, let's have dinner here one night.