Wednesday, February 29, 2012

SFS - Souvenir Foto School Recap A to Z

Today is the last day for the Souvenir Foto School Class A to Z. Here are my sports theme images. Thanks to my friends who helped and modeled for me! The class was so motivating and encouraging and it pushed me to produce great photos.  I really met some nice people, even though I did not met them face to face, but I felt like I knew them by just looking at their photos. Great class! Stay tuned for more online classes offered by Besotted Brand.

A- Auto Racing

B - Basketball

C - Cleats

D - Darts

E - Energy Drink

F - Football

G - Golf

H - Helmet

I - Ice Skating

J - Jersey

K - Karate

L - Lanyards of Press Passes

M - Medals

N - Nike

O - Outfield

P - Pom Pom

Q - Quarterback

R- Racquet

S - Shark (Pool Shark)

T - Tire

U - Uniform (Goalkeeper)

V - Vitamins

W - Wii Fit

X - Xsport Fitness

Y - Yoga

Z - Zone (End Zone)


Lil Mama Stuart said...

Thanks for telling me about the class!

ooh it's so different when you seem them all together like that. I never saw the darts one - I like!

Very consistent. I feel like I'm not there with consistency/style yet. I get my new gear today :D