Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 4 Restaurant Week - Lunch at Tokio Pub

  On Day 4 of restaurant week, I had a late lunch with an old co-worker at Tokio Pub. I was really excited to try their menu.

We started off with a Ginger Mojito - Cruzan Rum, Infused Ginger Syrup, 
Canton Ginger Liqueur, Fresh Mint & Lime. It was so refreshing! 

Here is the Prix Fixe Menu Lunch for two $22.

Barbecue Pork Belly Nachos House-made Chips, Guacamole
I liked the tangy BBQ sauce, pork was tender, the peppers and chips were excellent. The BBQ sauce, peppers, and spices were an awesome combination.     

3 Taco Combination - Angry Chicken, Braised Pork, Grilled Steak

Angry Chicken - Pulled Chicken, Spicy Kim Chee
Korean flavors in a taco...genius! This taco had a fiery kick...loved everything about it.

Braised Pork - Caramelized Pineapple, Cabbage, Cilantro
The pork was so flavorful and I loved the sweet taste of the pineapples. This is my was so yummy!

Grilled Steak - Cabbage, Pickled Ginger, Charred Tomato Salsa
Well seasoned...loved the spicy slaw and pickled ginger. Perfect combo! 

Crispy Fish - Chipotle Remoulade, Cabbage, Mango Salsa
Our server was kind enough to bring us a taste of these excellent fish tacos. I loved the tempura battered fish, spicy slaw, and Chipotle sauce.  It was so mouthwatering! This is my second favorite taco. 

Crying Tiger Shrimp, Chicken Meatballs, Barbecue Ribs
The shrimp was nicely grilled and the heat was awesome!  I love spicy food!  The Chicken Meatballs were a bit bland. I enjoyed the BBQ ribs. It was delicious and the presentation was unique. The serving was perfect!

Bag of Beignets - Hot Cinnamon Sugar Coated Doughnuts filled with chocolate.
These Beignets were outstanding!  I can eat these all day long. 

  Overall rating 4 stars, customer service was excellent, the atmosphere was great, and food was wonderful.  I really liked the layout of the restaurant very modern and trendy. Such unique flavors, Japanese, Korean, with a splash of Latin America! Do not forget to stop by on Tuesdays for half off wine bottles. What a great deal! I am definitely going back with my friends to try their sushi and the rest of the menu. Thank you to our server rock!


Trixie Jane said...

Great work Elaine. This is one of my new fav spots. The staff was great and food was AMAZING. Ill be going there very soon. On tuesdays they have half off wine. Thanks to you Im in love with MALBEC =)

Trixie Jane said...

And if you foursquare for the first time at Tokio Pub. You get one free roll for your table. (one per table) The manager was super nice that she went ahead and gave us three rolls. The calamari, spicy tuna and dragon are the rolls we ordered. They were all tasty but my fav was the calamari.

Laney said...

Thanks Trixie! This is a new spot for Tuesdays. Love it!

Lil Mama Stuart said...

dang I wish it were open when we tried going!