Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day 3 Restaurant Week - Cafe Ba Ba Reeba

    On Sunday, we visited Cafe Ba Ba Reeba.  I was really excited to go and visit a place where Glen and my old college friends use to frequent back in college.  We arrived 30 mins early, so if we ended dinner before 9pm we could go and see the Luminous Field at "The Bean".  We were immediately seated to our table.  It was really packed, and there was a large party in front of us. I told Glen, we might not be able to get out of here early. 

We ordered sangria, the classic and mango. Love the fresh fruit, it was very delicious and refreshing. 

For restaurant week, this is the Prix Fixe Menu for $33.

  We were able to choose pintxo, a bite sized tapas. We choose the Croqueta de Champiñones y Arro - Mushroom & Rice Croqueta.  
I like the crunchy texture of the Croqueta and the mushroom with the roasted pepper was well seasoned. Nice start, but we also received some of our tapas at the same time. I wanted to receive the Pintxo all at once, then the tapas.  

Pintxo - Short Rib-Stuffed Piquillo Pepper  
We received this so much later in the evening.  We had to ask the waitress several times. When it did arrived, the short rib was nice and soft and loved the Crostini that went along with it. I like the flavors of this dish. Nice bite!  

 Tapas -  Calamares a la Plancha Grilled Squid with Olive Oil & Garlic 
This was very delicious! The squid was perfectly prepared. I like the bed of salad that accompanied the squid. Add a touch of lemon and it was great!

Calamares Fritos Con Tomate Crudo y Jalapeño Aliol
 Fried Calamari, Tomato Crudo, Jalapeño Alioli - Glen loves calamari and he orders it every time we go out. We were very disappointed with the Calamari, it was soggy by the time it reached out table. I thought the sauce was excellent, it had a great kick to it.      

Empanada De Pollo - Roasted Chicken Empanada
I liked the flaky dough, the chicken filling was great well seasoned, and the sauce went well with the Empanadas. Great dish!

 Colomillo Con Cabrale
 Beef Tenderloin & Blue Cheese - The beef was dry and overdone. It would have been great if it was at least medium rare, so if it sat under the lamp it would not have been overdone by the time it got to our table.  I did like the home made chips.

Natural Chicken, Local Market Vegetables - Veggies were very fresh, chicken nicely cooked, the Paella was tasty! 
Glen liked this dish.

Shrimp, Sea Scallop, Mussels, Green Beans & Cherry Tomatoes
Taste very fresh and well prepared. This was my favorite dish.

We asked the waitress a few times again for our desserts.  This dinner took almost 3 hours, so at this point I was very unhappy. I just wanted to taste the desserts and go home.

Chocolate Truffle Cake - Very rich, dense and it was not too sweet. It was just ok for me.  

Caramelized Banana, Vanilla Ice Cream
The bananas had a nice caramelized crust and went well with the ice cream. We both thought it was good. 

  At the end of the dinner, we received our check and they accidentally charged us for dessert.  We told the waitress and she went to adjust our bill.  The manager came over and of course, I had to make a compliant. He apologized and he gave me his card just in case we were to come back. On our way out, we were chatting with the host and he actually called out the Sous Chef for us which was nice of him. Chatted for a few mins, and told him I liked a few dishes, but disappointed in the others.

  Overall review, the service needs improvement. Even though the waitress had a few large parties to attend to, she still should of gave us the same service she did with the other tables. I know it is restaurant week, but their menu and flavors should be consistent with their regular menu.  This is the whole purpose of restaurant week, is to showcase and give a taste of their menu. How will you attract new customers if you cannot deliver. I did like a few of their tapas, but had better. So overall rating is 3 stars, and I will not come back again.