Monday, January 2, 2012

My Mentors

  Less than two years ago, I met a husband and wife photography team at a wedding event. Little did I know these two people will change my life. I actually met Misha Media, Michele and Andy at a wedding in July 09. I literally just got my D90, so of course I brought my camera to practice. I was having a blast taking pics from the ceremony to the reception.  I took a little break and gave my camera to my bf and 5 minutes later he comes back with a flash on my camera. I asked him where did you get that he is like oh from the photographers...are you serious? I said to him, well give it back since I felt bad that we had to borrow a flash from the photographers. He replied, well they have like 2 or 3 flashes so it was not a big deal and Andy even showed me how to use it. I walked over to Andy to chit chat and thanked him for letting us use the flash. We asked if they taught classes or did one on one sessions and he said yes and gave us their info to keep in contact. I never did contact them till the next year when I saw them again in Feb 2010 at another wedding.  I swear my bf and I attended like 10 weddings that year and majority of the time Misha Media were the photographers. Crazy huh? Finally in late April, I contacted Michele and asked her if she can do a one on one session.

  We met at the Renaissance Hotel and started our session.  Michele and Andy gave a little background about their business and how they got started. Michele had went over the basics about the equipment, how to set up the menu, what the dials mean and how to use it. She went over the first 4 things she would do before she started shooting. Next lesson was metering and I swear when she was talking it was gibberish to me. After Michele's portion, Andy started lecturing me about the technical side. He talked about the graphs and what it meant. So after all the classroom lesson, we started to shoot around.  Here are some of the pics that I took.

  After 4 hours, I started to shoot in manual exciting!  The hands on lesson really taught me how to put together everything we went over. I have to say it was a lot of info to soak in, but definitely clicked during the session. The last 30 mins we went outside to learn about sunburst and other technique which was so cool.

  At the end of the session, I really had a better understanding on how to use my camera. Michele and Andy continue to mentor me to this day. I am so happy and honored to have met this power team. Misha Media's work is amazing and if you have not seen their work check out their site They have helped me take my photography to a different level.  For those out there that want to learn how to use a DSLR camera, contact Misha Media. It was the best thing I ever did. Thank you Michele and Andy!


Lil Mama Stuart said...

Very creative first shots! It's about having the "eye" too right ;)

Laney said...

Thanks! Did you post yours on your site?

O-Baby Star said...

Love your blog name =)

Anonymous said...

Very cool Elaine! I'm excited for this new adventure of yours. Your pictures are pretty amazing. You are one talented woman!! --pe