Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mission Impossible: Must Get D Rose's Autograph Day 2 and 3

Day 2

  After the Sixth Man event the next day my bf and I attended the Bulls vs. Pacers pre-season game. I was excited to go to the game and get the rest of my photos signed. When the doors open I raced to section 106 to get a spot near the tunnel.  It was tough since there was already a crowd waiting at the railings.  I squeezed myself through the crowd and anxiously waited for the players to walk back to the locker room.

  This time I was able to get signatures from John Lucas, Jimmy Butler, and Brian Scalabrine. Lucas said, nice pic I am in there somewhere. Now I am missing Carlos Boozer, Rip Hamilton, and D Rose.

 We sat a few rows behind the Bulls bench and it was awesome seats, we were so close to the players.  It was a little challenging to shoot over the first two rows, but I decided to at least enjoy the game this time. Here are a few highlights.

Last Day - Location Northbrook Court, Chicago Bulls Paint the Town

  This is my last chance to get my D Rose poster and Carlos Boozer pic signed. Paint the town was an event to promote the NBA's "Big Things are Coming" Campaign. The Bulls were stationed all over the Mall, but no one knew where any of the players were sitting.  As I was walking to the Macy's entrance, I see my mentors, Michele and Andy, what a coincidence! Michele loves the Bulls. Anyway, we all walked inside and there were crowds just walking around and lingering.  I scouted the area and I decided to just camp out in the center court, because I figured D Rose would be on display and it was only area that was big enough.

  There were Mall Security and even Northbrook police officers all over the place.  It was madness!  Suddenly one of the security guards announced that D Rose was going to be located in the center court. Good thing I was already nearby and started to push my way through the opening of the barricades.  OMG! People started pushing and shoving their way to the front of the line. I was like stop pushing, seriously people there are children here and short people down here and we cannot breathe.  I was pushed up against other peoples armpits, backs, etc. What the hell was I thinking...LMAO!  I was sweating to death and people began to smell. It was so unorganized and even the security people were screaming their heads off telling people to back up. After an hour, they roped off the D Rose line and cut it off, but people were still pushing. I started to yell please back up...there is a kid here that feels dizzy.  Five mins later he started to puke, yes it was disgusting and smelled.  People backed up to let the kid out.

  Finally, after 3 hours I reached D Rose's table...too bad I look like ass. I handed my poster and the helper opened it up.  The security guard and a lady from the Bulls said oh that is a nice pic, I said thank you I actually took the pic. I said D Rose for the last 3 days I was trying to get my photos signed and give this to you. I handed him a poster of himself shooting a free throw and the same copy of the poster I got signed. The lady was like oh Derrick a present, that is so nice. He said thank you I really appreciate it! I could barely contain my excitement finally he signed my poster. As I walked out of the line, I was still giddy and staring at my poster the NBA entertainment camera man focused on my poster and my embarrassed but so excited! 

Derrick signing autographs.

This is Derrick's line...CHAOTIC! I stood in this line for 3 hours...OMG!

This is the poster I gave Derrick.


  I walked to see where Michele and Andy were and she was in line for Carlos Boozer and Brian Scalabrine. She had so many signatures from the players, how exciting! At the Boozer line you needed an orange bracelet, I said well no one was giving a bracelet at the D Rose line. I stood in line with Michele hoping they let me through since it was only 15 people left. The guard said Miss you need a bracelet, Sir I stood in line for 3 hours at the D Rose table and no one was giving anything out. Im tired and I just need one more sig Boozer, please let me through. He said ok I heard the lines were crazy. YAY! Thank you Mr. security guard! We reached the table and I had Boozer autograph this classic picture of him.

and here's the White Mamba Scala...

What a great day and MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!


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