Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Chicago Bulls Home Opener 1.1.12

  Who's got the Bulls fever...I DO!  I am sure everyone in Chicago has the fever too.  These Bulls are HOT! I hope they keep it up and take it all the way to the finals.  I attended the Chicago Bulls home opening game on New Year's Day. My bf and his partners have season tickets and we had passes to the Ketel One Club. It is the restaurant near section 119 where you can see the players walk to the locker room. We saw some of the opponents walking in, but I guess the Bulls were already on the court practicing. It was cool though, because members can enter the United Center at 5pm before the general admission.

  After we had a drink, I ran to section 106 to get a spot near the tunnel to get autographs. I swear once those doors open, people rush to that tunnel to try to get signatures. I was the first one excited!  I got my pictures and sharpie ready to go. I had previously took pictures on the court sometime in March 2011, and I printed them to have the players sign. I will talk about my experience in another entry stay tuned. Anyway, some of the players were already on the court including D Rose, Jimmy Butler, and Asik. Taj and Brewer were walking in and I stopped Taj for a sec and asked him if he liked the pic of him dunking over Lebron I gave him. He replied yes thank you, then I asked on his way out if he can sign one of my photos of him. He nodded. I shot a few pics of the team practicing.

  All the fans were anxiously waiting for the players to head to the locker room and here comes Lee Dewyze walk on by.  I figured he was going to sing the National Anthem.  He sounded ok. :)

A little after 6pm, D Rose started to head back to the locker room and signed a few autographs.  I ran back to where Glen was standing and made sure he signed my pic. YAY! He signed my pic again.

I took this pic when I shot the game in March. It was when D Rose was doing a spinning dunk. 

  Taj and Korver also signed my bench mob photo. Those were the last two I needed to complete the photo.

  YAY for my autographs!  I have all my other pics signed too but, that is definitely another blog post. 

  At the beginning of the game, the Bulls organization honored Mrs. Maggie Daley. Even though it was a short clip of her accomplishments, it brought tears to my eyes.

  I took a few pics of the game although I did not have the best angle, but oh well.  I have to shoot with whatever I have, right?

 Of course the Bulls dominated that game and won by a whooping 40 points 104-64.  Hope you enjoyed the pics, come back for more. If anyone wants to buy tickets, Section 106 Row E seat 9-10 contact me. Thanks!


Lil Mama Stuart said...

That's awesome that you got more autographs, on YOUR images!